Getting started

If you meet all the requirements for a joint or double PhD, you should submit the following documents by emailing them to

  • a completed application form
  • information about the motivation for the joint/double PhD and a planning schedule for the (minimum) six-month research period being undertaken at the University of Antwerp or the partner institution
  • a statement of agreement signed by all supervisors (this is not a contract but a letter written by your supervisors stating that they support your application and that they will supervise your research during the joint PhD - there is no template for this)
  • incoming joint/double PhD students must include a detailed résumé (including an overview of their studies as well as research-related and professional activities)
  • joint/double PhD students who have 3 supervisors should add a motivated advice (according to the rules and regulations for PhD students, Art. 15), this motivated advice is a letter written by your supervisors or yourself. In this letter you/your supervisors should explain why all three supervisors are vital for your joint/double PhD. This letter will be signed by the faculty council when your application is approved. The signed letter also has to be checked by the bureau of the Antwerp Doctoral School.

We recommend you do this at least one year before you submit the first draft of your PhD thesis. Processing applications takes time, as does drawing up, negotiating and approving PhD contracts, especially when working with international institutions.

The defence can only take place 6 weeks after the contract is fully signed. 


PhD students who want to obtain a joint PhD should request this in writing to both universities involved at least one year before the submission of his or her draft thesis. If the application is approved, the PhD student should comply with the regulations of both universities regarding the registration and admission for the public defence of the thesis. (Article 41 "Rules and regulations for all PhD students").


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