General or specific certificate supplement

The following procedure is not valid for PhD students of the faculties of Law or Business and Economics. PhD students need to contact the administrative contact person of their faculty regarding the procedure.

You can choose between a general or a specific certificate supplement. You have to check the according box on the form "Information regarding the defence of the PhD thesis".

Please note: if you have fewer than 30 points in SisA, you will automatically receive a general supplement.

General supplement
The general supplement will provide a general description of the competences (the seven categories of the competence profile). You cannot mention individual activities on this type of supplement.

Specific supplement
This supplement offers you the possibility to draw up a profile based on (a selection of) the activities you engaged in as part of the doctoral study programme. So, both the general description of the competences given in the competence profile and a list of the selected individual activities are mentioned. You need to provide the activities list (selection) to the Antwerp Doctoral School following the guidelines.

Please note: