Preparing and awarding the diploma

After your PhD defence, your diploma file will be prepare.

A diploma file consists of:

  • the diploma
  • a diploma supplement
  • a general explanation regarding the Flemish system of higher education
  • a certificate of the doctoral study programme (except in case of an exemption)
  • certificate supplement of the doctoral study programme (this is drawn up by the Antwerp Doctoral School - except in case of an exemption).

The preparation of your diploma file takes time, it will not be handed out immediately after your defence. For more information, please contact Tine Leonard.

Preliminary certificate

While you are waiting for your official diploma file, your faculty's education administration can issue a provisional certificate for you which you can be used to apply for jobs or enrol at other educational institutions.

PhD diploma duplicate

It is possible to receive a duplicate of your PhD diploma. However this is never the authentic file, so please make sure to scan your original diploma file and maybe also keep some extra copies!

Translation of PhD diploma

If you need a translation of your PhD diploma, please find all necessary information on the website of the diploma administration.