Progress reports

PhD researchers of the UAntwerp need to fill in two separate progress reports.
Each of the reports is explained below in more detail:

1. Progress report on the doctoral research

The progress of your doctoral research is managed by your faculty/institute and will be evaluated by your individual PhD commission (IPC)

The procedure for the submission differs per faculty/institute. Some faculties require an annual report, in others it may be less frequent. Consult your faculty PhD regulations or the administrative contact person for more information. They will notify you about what is expected and when it is expected. Make sure to keep an eye on your student email account

2. Progress report on the doctoral study programme

The report regarding the doctoral study programme is managed by the Antwerp Doctoral School and evaluated by a peer review commission consisting of members of your faculty/institute.

The report for the doctoral study programme needs to be submitted annually.

The deadline for this report is always May 1st! After that date, it is not possible to submit your report anymore and you will need to submit your activities the next year. You will be contacted by the Antwerp Doctoral School via email with regard to approaching deadlines, so please make sure to regularly check your student email account.

! Exception: the following faculties/institutes manage this report independently. Consult the administrative contact person in case of questions:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Institute of Development Policy


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