Research mission

The department of Accountancy and Finance (ACF) aims to be an international centre of excellence in the fields of accounting, finance and insurance. It strives to optimize the accounting and finance landscape for governments, business and the broader society alike. The department does this by producing high quality fundamental research and publishing in top international academic journals, but also by performing applied research directed towards businesses and other organizations. Its members are encouraged to disseminate this research by presenting at international academic conferences, and to communicate via other forums to other societal actors. ACF also provides high quality research-evidence based teaching on a graduate and postgraduate level, as well as executive teaching programs and presentations aimed at professional organizations. The department thus contributes to enhancing existing academic knowledge, while still being extremely relevant to society. To achieve this, ACF collaborates closely with other departments of the University of Antwerp, researchers from various national and international research institutions, as well as in close co-operation with public authorities at all policy levels, with sector organizations and with small and large private actors and non-profit organizations.