Selected publications 2014

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Selected peer reviewed scientific publications

1. Top Management Team Behavior

  • Buyl, T., Boone, C., Hendriks, W. (2014). -Top management team members’ decision influence and cooperative behaviour: An empirical study in the Information Technology industry. In: British Journal of Management - 25: 285-304.
  • Buyl, T. , Boone, C. (2014). - Exploration versus exploitation: The differential impact of historical and social comparison performance feedback on executives’ cognitive orientation. In: T.K. Das (Ed.), Behavioral Strategy: Emerging Perspectives, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 27-54.

2. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Emergence of new Organizational Forms

  • Bogaert S., Boone C., Negro G., van Witteloostuijn A. (2014).- Organizational form emergence: A meta-analysis of the ecological theory of legitimation.  In: Journal of Management/Southern Management Association -  issn 1557-1211: 1-30.
  • Boone C., Özcan, S. (2014).- Why do cooperatives emerge in a world dominated by corporations: the diffusion of cooperatives in the U.S. bio-ethanol industry, 1978-2013.  In: Academy of Management Journal/Mississippi State University - issn 0001-4273 - 57:4: 990-1012.
  • Gilsing V., Vanhaverbeke W., Pieters M. (2014).- Mind the gap : balancing alliance network and technology portfolios during periods of technological uncertainty Technological forecasting and social change. In: Technological forecasting and social change - issn 0040-1625-81: 351-362.
  • Gilsing V., J. van den Bosch (2014).- 3 Book Chapters: Corporate venturing at Unilever/NRC-Next: Strategic renewal at NRC/Corporate innovation at Rabobank.  In: Edward Elar Publishers (Cheltenham), Corporate venturing: organizing for innovation by J. van den Bosch & G. Duysters.
  • Overbergh A. (2014).- Technological innovation and the diversification of audiovisual storytelling circuits in Kenya. In: Journal of African Cultural Studies 26 (2): 206-219.Vanderstraeten J., Matthyssens P., van Witteloostuijn A. (2014).- Toward a balanced framework to evaluate and improve the internal functioning of nonprofit economic development business incubators : a study in Belgium. In: International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business - issn 1476-1297-23: 478-508.
  • S. Keijl , Gilsing V., Knoben J., Duysters G.(2014).- Recombining for breakthroughs : the role of the alliance network, portfolio, and partners. In: Academy of Management Proceedings & Membership Directory - issn 1543-8643 - 13534.

3. Neuro-Economics

  • Declerck C.H., Boone C., Kiyonari T. (2014). -The effect of oxytocin on cooperation in a prisoner's dilemma depends on the social context and a person's social value orientation.  In: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience -  issn 1749-5016 - 9:6: 802-809.
  • Declerck C. H., Lambert B., Boone C. (2014) .-  Sexual dimorphism in oxytocin responses to health perception and disgust, with implications for theories on pothogen detection.  In: Hormones and Behavior - issn 0018-506x-65:  521-526.
  • Declerck C.H., Boone C., Kiyonari T. (2014).- No place to hide: When shame causes proselfs to cooperate.  In: Journal of Social Psychology. 154: 1-15.
  • Emonds G., Declerck C. H., Boone C., Seurinck R. & Achten R. (2014).Establishing cooperation in a mixed motive social dilemma.  An fMRI study investigating the role of social value orientation and dispositional trust.  In: Social Neurosciences - issn 1747-0919-9:  10-22.
  • Lambert B., Declerck C. H., Boone C. (2014).- Oxytocin does not make a face appear more trustworthy but improves the accuracy of trustworthiness judgments.  In: Psychoneuroendocrinology - 40(0): 60-68.
  • Waegeman A., Declerck C. H., Boone C. (2014).- A psychometric study of cognitive self-regulation: are self-report questionnaires and behavioural tasks measuring a similar construct? In: Psychology - issn 2152-7180 - 5:19: 2159-2172.
  • Waegeman A., Declerck C. H., Boone C., Van Hecke W., Parizel P. (2014).- Individual differences in self-control in a time discounting task: an fMRI study. In: Journal of Neurosciences, Psychology and Economics - issn 2151-318X-7: 65-79.
  • Waegeman A., Declerck C.H., Boone C., Seurinck R., Parizel P.M. (2014).- Individual differences in behavioral flexibility in a probabilistic reversal learning task : an fMRI study. In: Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics - issn 1937-321X - 7:4: 203-218.