A.A.C. 2011

This year's ACED workshop will be on September 29-30, at the cultural conference centre Elzenveld in Antwerp.
We have invited a group of people around Andreas Flache from Groningen, who work on organizational and group dynamics from theoretical, empirical and simulation perspectives: James Kitts from Columbia and Jacob Dijkstra, Michael Maes, André Grow, and Victor Stoica from Groningen. All these people work with Andreas Flache, such that the presentations reflect a major part of his research interests. We invited these people because they employ simulation methods not in isolation but in addition to more traditional empirical methods and theory development, they all share an interdisciplinary mind prepared to build on multiple heterogeneous methods. We believe that this group fits to ACED and due to overlap and differences might stimulate new ideas on existing or future research in our group.

The workshop consists of two days. James Kitts’ presentation is scheduled for about 90 minutes – he provides a larger overview of his research program, which many of the others’ projects are more or less related to. Similarly, Carolyn Declerck will present an overview of her work with Christophe Boone. With one exception, all presentations are scheduled for a time slot of 60 minutes. Each
presentation should take at most 30 minutes. After the presentation, a discussant will raise two substantial questions (preferably without a Powerpoint presentations), which takes at most 5 minutes. Discussants will be assigned in advance. The remaining 25 minutes are split into two parts: a discussion of at most 10-15 minutes and a break. The break, which is 10-15 minutes, can be used for informal bilateral discussions or other activities. Having time for bilateral discussions after every presentation as well as during the day and in the evening is an intentional choice in order to encourage the discussion of questions that people might not want to ask in a larger audience.