Publications in the spotlight

Should I stay or should I go? Explaining variation in nonstate actor advocacy over time in global governance
Hanegraaff Marcel   Vergauwen Jorik   Beyers Jan  
Governance: an international journal of policy and administration - ISSN 0952-1895-33:2 (2020) p. 287-304
Politicised policy access. The effect of politicisation on interest group access to advisory councils
Willems Evelien  
Public administration - ISSN 0033-3298-
Do professionals take over? Professionalisation and membership influence in civil society organisations
Heylen Frederik   Willems Evelien   Beyers Jan  
Voluntas: international journal of voluntary and non-profit organizations - ISSN 0957-8765-p. 1-13
The Comparative Interest Group-survey project : design, practical lessons, and datasets
Beyers Jan   Fink-Hafner D.   Maloney W.   Novak M.   Heylen F.   Fink-Hafner Danica   Maloney William A.   Novak Meta   Heylen Frederik  
Interest groups & advocacy - ISSN 2047-7414-p. 1-18
Stakeholder mobilization in financial regulation : a comparison of EU regulatory politics over time
Redert Bastiaan  
Journal of common market studies - ISSN 0021-9886-p. 1-19

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