Publications in the spotlight

Lobbying strategies and success : inside and outside lobbying in European Union legislative politics
De Bruycker Iskander   Beyers Jan  
European political science review - ISSN 1755-7739-11:1 (2019) p. 57-74
Blessing or curse for advocacy? How news media attention helps advocacy groups to achieve their policy goals
De Bruycker Iskander  
Political communication - ISSN 1058-4609-36:1 (2019) p. 103-126
Domestic political implications of global value chains : explaining EU responses to litigation at the World Trade Organization
Yildirim Aydin  
Comparative European politics - ISSN 1472-4790-16:4 (2018) p. 549-580
Stakeholders wanted! Why and how European Union agencies involve non-state stakeholders
Arras Sarah   Braun Caelesta  
Journal of European public policy - ISSN 1350-1763-25:9 (2018) p. 1257-1275
Student diversity in a cross-continental EU-simulation exploring variation in affective learning outcomes among political science students
Duchatelet Dorothy   Bursens Peter   Donche Vincent   Gijbels David   Spooren Pieter  
European political science - ISSN 1680-4333-17:4 (2018) p. 601-620

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