Summer School

From 2017 onwards, Antwerp Summer University offers a yearly summer school on Europe in collaboration with ACTORE. Each edition will focus on specific aspects relevant to today’s society, building on the expertise present in the different faculties and institutes of the University of Antwerp and its partners.

'Europe: Diversity and Migration' (2018)

Europe’s demography in terms of ethno-cultural composition is rapidly diversifying in an unprecedented way. The majority group in urban areas is morphing into a minority amidst other minorities. This is caused by the outcome of labour migration in the past, but equally so by continuous migration in the present and the recent inflow of large numbers of refugees. These topics have become a priority issue for policymakers at the national and EU-level. Leading (European) politicians such as Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel have claimed multiculturalism has failed as a policy strategy, and new ways of addressing diversity need to be found. At the same time demographers are pointing out Europe's population will be shrinking if the rate of migration does not increase in the coming decades. There is a great concern from different ideological perspectives on how to deal adequately with superdiversity as it affects all realms of society and as continuing inequalities seem difficult to transform. The second edition of the Summer School ‘Europe: Diversity and Migration’ addressed these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and in doing so, provided participants with insights, practices and skills to understand the current transformation of Europe.

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