ACTORE is a research consortium embedded in the University of Antwerp. It is composed of three research groups.

  • ACIMs main focus of study is the impact of multi-level institutional configurations on changes in government and governance, policies and politics, and state-society relations. ACIM’s research projects are linked to the politics of multi-level government, the politics of interest representation, and regulatory and judicial politics, all in an EU context. ACIM is run by three professors who continuously supervise 10 to 15 PhD students and post-docs. The group receives funding from various research councils and government bodies and engages in outreach with stakeholders and practitioners.
  • PA&M studies public administration and management with a focus on law, regulation and administration; performance, accountability and policy evaluation; and multi-actor and multi-level governance and coordination of public tasks and policies. The impact of and interrelation with EU as administrative and political layer is crucial in these research lines. The group involves 18 PhD researchers and three professors and draws research grants from the Flemish Research Foundation, the Antwerp University Research foundation, the BRAINS research program of the federal government, EU H2020, and commissioned research by governments. The group takes various initiatives to interact with practitioners (mainly civil servants and policy-makers), also within the EU institutions. In October 2018 PA&M merged with CED and members of ACIM into the new research group Politics and Public Governance (P&PG).
  • G&L examines fundamental questions raised by the exercise of authority in a context of EU multilevel governance: the functioning of public agents and non-state actors, questions of legitimacy and accountability, rule of law, and fundamental rights. G&L consists of 10 professors and over 30 PhD students and postdocs. G&L’s research projects are linked to EU multilevel good governance, EU governance and public decision making and governance in diverse societies.

The academic coordinator of ACTORE is a full professor of Political Science, serves as vice-dean and academic director of bachelor and master programs, and is senior member of ACIM. He holds a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam which focuses on skills teaching in EU studies.

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