Mission of the Antwerp Drug Discovery Network (ADDN)

The primary objective of the consortium is to develop knowledge and generate IP in the field of preclinical drug discovery. This is achievable because the research groups are well-integrated and since there is a good balance of groups carrying out fundamental and/ or applied research. Fundamental research is critical to generate knowledge and forms the basis for new IP and valorisation strategies.

The strong integration of multidisciplinary expertise within ADDN allows projects to be brought to a more advanced level. Furthermore, newly generated findings by one ADDN partner can stimulate new research initiatives within the other research disciplines and vice versa. 

The imminent incorporation of new partners will lead to stronger and more valuable valorisation cases, which can be used to convince interested third parties to take a license or to build a spin-off case.

Taken together, we will make UA more attractive for both research and fee-for-service projects with the industry in the field of preclinical drug discovery. This is possible because the different disciplines are connected within the consortium and because the network is supported by an experienced IOF-fellow. In this way we can offer the industry a personalised total package and not just an isolated model or tool.