31 March - 24 June 2018

Initiators: Sint-Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, Royal Academy of fine Arts Antwerp, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Culture Commons Quest Office (UAntwerp)

For LODGERS, ARIA unfolds activities and presentations that demonstrate both the specificity of research and its wide range. Between March 31 and June 24, performances, lectures, discussions and public lectures are held in an artistic context that highlights the rather 'speculative scholarly' activities of artists. Fiction and imagination are crucial research tools to understand reality. Research in the arts shows that reality can not only be examined, but is also made using research. Art, fiction and imagination are at any rate indispensable to look at reality. Without fiction, there is no non-fiction, without art no reality.

Venue: M HKA, 6th floor

Partners: The LODGERS programme is a collaboration between AIR Antwerpen and M HKA. The programme is co-curated by Nav Haq, Senior Curator at M HKA, and Alan Quireyns, Artistic Director at AIR Antwerpen.