18 December 2021 - Het Bos, Antwerp

Seminar initiated by Sarah Vanhee

This day for/about learning together will gather together people who have set up places and practices for knowledge exchange that are organized and formalized differently than the dominant white western educational institutions, mainstream schools and universities. The focus will go to places where education is not separated from all other aspects of life; practices inspired by feminist and decolonial thought, without necessarily claiming to do so. This day aims to create the possibility to share reflection and experiences, tools and strategies, practices and experiments, difficulties and challenges, among speakers and participants, between the academic, artistic and activist milieus. 

All over the world, places like this have been emerging since many years, places of resistance where friends, family, communities gather, visibly or invisibly. They often situate themselves on the intersection of theory, arts and activism. In her artistic research “bodies of knowledge”, Sarah Vanhee has encountered different places where education comes close to “the practice of freedom” (bell hooks). 

For this seminar, she invites people leading and populating some of those spaces where education is more or less explicitly present, and different forms of life and lives can co-exist. It can be an inspiration for people working in the field of education, art, activism and research -whether in theory or in practice- to learn from/about those cases. Core questions will be: How to institute from the margins? How to organize places for counter-history and -memory? How to come to a model of a “pluriversity” (Achille Mmembe) versus a “university.” What are the specific challenges and obstacles for different communities to become a “learning community”? What future do we envision for knowledge- and art institutions? How to guarantee independent knowledge production? How to resist hegemonic narratives and models of knowledge-exchange and create durable alternatives?