3 & 4 May 2021 - Online event

Initiators: Thomas Moore and Winnie Huang

Musicians and conductors are performers that utilize movements on stage to generate sounds that audiences perceive as music. Composers, artistic directors, and concert organizers today are becoming more aware of a repertoire of performative and everyday ‘normal’ movements and are beginning to consider these as artistic stimuli sui generis, with the potential to enhance or direct the audience’s perception of a piece.

During this international seminar, through paper presentations, performances, and discussion, the following questions will be addressed:

  • ​How can we, as performers, develop our music-making movement repertoire and gestural skill set to meet this growing practice of movement-centred acts and interventions?
  • Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen in his composition Black Box Music (2012) deployed the ‘image of the conductor to play on the audience’s expectations’. What happens when composers begin to incorporate movement repertoire in their pieces, how do they contend with the traditional (and hierarchical) performance situation and how do the gestures of the conductor lead to a new context of perception?
  • What are the methods and processes that composers and artistic directors apply when questioning the role of the musicians’ and conductor’s body on stage?

Keynote Håkon Stene will present his research Towards a Post-Instrumental Practice, and also take part in a panel discussion with Jessie Marino and Magda Thielemans, moderated by the seminar organizers. Planned performances include newly commissioned works by Jessie Marino (US), a revised solo work for conductor by Thierry De Mey (B), and Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1957-58) by John Cage.

Keynote and guest speakers/performers: Håkon Stene, Jessie Marino, Magda Thielemans.


3 May 2021

13:00 - 16:00  Papers and performance-papers presentations

  • Winnie Huang & Thomas R. Moore: Welcome and Introduction
  • Lien Pisters, O2 Vitality Online: Vitality training, a 20 minute vitality training for musicians
  • Anjtony Csaba: Conducting as a multisensory instrument
  • Geoffa Fells: Embodied Experience; inhabiting an Exoplanet
  • Dr. Litha Efthymiou: Gesture studies in music
  • Chiara Saccone: Metodo per suonare il pianoforte, Quit Classic Music

19:00 - 20:00  Keynote address by Dr. Håkon Stene, 'Into a post instrumental practice'

20:00 - 21:00  Evening performances

  • Thomas R. Moore: Light Music (2004, rev 2021) by Thierry De Mey
  • Winnie Huang & Dr. Jessie Marino: Tentacles (2020) by Winnie Huang
  • RCA Guitar Ensemble & Thomas R. Moore: Six to Five (2021), premiere, by Jessie Marino

All sessions will occur live via Zoom. For the complete programme and the Zoom links: framingthenormal.wordpress.com

​4 May 2021

10:00 - 11:30  Lecture performance

  • Thomas R. Moore: Solo for Sliding Trombone (1957-58) by John CageLecture on Players’ Performance Practice in Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1957-58) by John Cage. In collaboration with the RCA Composer’s Forum, Wim Henderickx, and de Werkgroep voor Hedendaagse en Actuele Muziek

12:00 - 13:00  Performance

  • Ensemble XXIAlina Taraban & Thomas R. Moore: Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1957-58) by John Cage

14:00 - 15:30  Papers and performance-papers presentations

  • Winnie Huang & Thomas R. Moore: Introduction
  • Winnie Huang: How to make a Monster (2017) by Sivan Cohen Elias
  • Dr. Sivan Cohen Elias: How to make ‘How to make a Monster’

16:00 - 18:00  Panel discussion

  • Dr. Jessie Marino, Magda Thielemans & Dr. Håkon Stene: Panel DiscussionWinnie Huang & Thomas R. Moore, moderators

20:00 - 22:00  Evening performances

  • Haize Lizarazu: MANUAL – Hands as InstrumentsMusic from Somewhere (2017) by Fran MM Cabeza de VacaKey Jane (2017) by Michael Beil
  • Yui Sakagoshi: Body as an instrumentS’assombrit 5 (2018) by Sergio Núñez MenesesMotion Experiment III (2019-20) by Yui SakagoshiSilence must be! (2002) by Thierry De Mey
  • Ajtony CsabaMusic for the Eyes (2018) by Ajtony CsabaConductors: Ajtony Csaba, Winnie Huang, Dr. Daan Janssens, Dr. Håkon Stene, Thomas R. Moore. Performers: all participants are welcome to perform.
  • After talk: online reception. Please stick around after the last performance for an informal chat via Zoom. 

All sessions will occur live via Zoom or YouTube. For the complete programme and the Zoom links: framingthenormal.wordpress.com