From white paper to whiteboard

June 20.2019

A visual seminar on distribution in visual arts

As a standalone second discussion of a study group on distribution in art, this visual thinking exercise spins off to look more at the artwork itself, its possible configurations and an artist’s point of view. Artworks are often given a very concentrated distribution: an exhibition, sometimes limited to the opening of an exhibition, an article, a quick advertisement, ... They might be an ultimate consumer product, peaking very fast and disappearing arguably even faster. How can art grasp its own distribution? Which roles can distribution play in an artistic practice? How are these models of distribution feeding back into artistic practices? What does art leave slipstreaming in its wake?

The first discussion took place on May 20th at de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam. This second part starts from a white paper which will also be made available one hour before the discussion on a whiteboard.

Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens and Brenda Tempelaar are invited to that whiteboard and redraw the premise during a visual discussion.

Contributions by:

  • Karina Beumer is an artist using the interview as an artistic format to look at margin areas that usually are not included within the artistic frame. She turns the camera 180 degree to show what is behind or reveals the editorial commentary as a book.
  • Peter Lemmens is an artist who has questions on the intangible parts of the work such as the difference between the artwork and the work being done as an artist or what is the site of work or what about the value of circulation and what to do now?
  • Brenda Tempelaar works in the interstice between art practice and reflection. Her long-term projects focus on strategies of art production, infrastructure and architecture.


  • 18:00  white paper is made available on the whiteboard
  • 19:00  visual discussion starts, audience can participate
  • 20:30  final questions from the audience

Venue: Kunsthal Extra City, Eikelstraat 29, 2600 Antwerpen (Berchem) - 18:00-20:30