October 2021

Seminar initiated by Els Dietvorst

It is the responsibility of artists to pay attention to the world, pleasant or otherwise, and to help us live respectfully in it. Artists do this by keeping their curiosity and moral sense alive, and by sharing with us their gift for metaphor. Often this means finding similarities between observable fact and inner experience, between birds in a vacant lot, say, and intuition worthy of Genesis. More than anything else, beauty is what distinguishes art. Beauty is never less than a mystery, but it has within it a promise. In this way, art encourage us to gratitude and engagement, and is of both personal and civic consequence.”(Robert Adams)

“The essence is humanitas, the shaping of people. Man is not the last resort, it is the only remedy.”(Jonathan Holslag)

Today again our society is in a deep crisis, facing unexpected, new, exciting challenges. Everything calls for change. Covid19 gave us the challenge to re-see, re-think, re-do. And in a certain way re-connect. It opens up opportunities to connect locally, consume less and make efforts for ecological durability. We have to take this opportunity to finally make a difference. Artists can play an important role in that change. Creativity, beauty and engagement with the Other/our environment is a basic characteristic of the creative human being and can lay a humus for further development.

This urge for change is also one of the main subjects of my Phd research ‘Partisans of the real’. Therefor I invite friends, artists and thinkers to tackle the questions that keep me awake.

What can the position of an artist be in this post C19 society? Which tools/skills do we need? How can we be more resilient? What can lead us to create, connect, work collectively and change? Which are the necessary energizers or drivers?

Masterclass by Els Dietvorst

The seminar week is followed by a DO-workshop week using outcomes and work analyses raised in the first week. The outcomes of the workshop will also lead to found a permanent and continuing artist platform TIME IS A BOOK(IS TIME).

Discover in the ‘De Lange ZAAL the thin line between art and life where art becomes a place for communication, desire, exchange and engagement.

“Schiller wrote that a democracy does not survive without some kind of aesthetic pride in people. You have to develop a sense of beauty to also recognize the ethically important and valuable things, which is also part of patriotism for me.” (Jonathan Holslag)

In this masterclass I want to focus on YOU and US. US collectively can make a difference, YOU as a human, as an artist, a creative thinker and do-er can make a difference to be an active citizen and use your art as a changemaker.

Open to all disciplines, this master class aims for you to broaden your artistic boundaries towards a more social interaction. You discover how intensive research can enrich your work, how processes can open up your practice to discover different forms of experience.