5 October 2021 - Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Seminar initiated by Sarah Hendrickx

In this one day domain specific training we will exchange research methodologies, research outcomes and first-hand professional experiences with regards to how artists organize themselves professionally in a context of increasing socio-economic 'precarity'. Lectures provided by experts in the field and on the subject’s matter will be alternated with interactive discussions. 

The main research question is divided into three segments: 

  • Context: Does the economy colonize artistic practices and aesthetics in the current age of precarity? How is this situation of precarity constructed and how do artists suffer from it? 
  • Where are we today: How do artists react against their precarious position and the aesthetical normalization within an economical context? 
  • Notes towards the future: What solutions can we formulate towards the future of art and artistic practices. What role can art and artists have when re-thinking our economical situation?

Our guest speakers and workshop leaders will be artist and economist Hans Abbing, the artist duo Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans with their research project 7 Walks, artist Ronny Peperkamp from the Art Reserve Bank, Anna Rispoli and Christophe Meierhans from The Common Wallet and the Institute of Radical Imagination and Katrien Reist (arp, State Of The Arts).


  • 09:30  morning reception with coffee & tea
  • 10:00  introduction 
  • 10:30  visual artist and economist Hans Abbing - lecture & Q&A
  • 11:30  De Kunstreservebank (The Art Reserve Bank) - lecture & Q&A 
  • 12:30  lunch 
  • 13:15  Vermeir & Heiremans - 7 Walks - presentation & group discussion 
  • 15:10  Anna Rispoli & Christophe Meierhans - The Common Wallet & The Institute of Radical Imagination - presentation & Workshop 
  • 16:30  Katrien Reist (arpState Of The Arts
  • 18:00  reception & dinner 

Short breaks will be held in between presentations.


The seminar is part of the Sint Lucas Antwerp & Extra City Naively Radical Research Week.​

Registration is required. Please register here