Book release 29 October 2021

Developped by Vijai Patchineelam

The research seminar 'Descriptions Change, The Artist Job Description' aims at questioning contemporary art’s structural configuration, focusing on the relationship between the artist and the art institution. It looks at cases of embedded artistic practices that have developed within art institutions. Meaning, artists who have negotiated their way into uncommon roles with institutions—steering away from exhibition-making, the presentation of their work as an end goal, and into areas that involve research, programming, administrative, and organizational responsibilities that are commonly regarded as outside the scope of the artists' role, attention and intentions inside an institution. 

Tackling with field related, societal, and personal issues, such as:

  • How does the knowledge from years of artistic practices translate into the structures of the larger public art institutions? 
  • Anxieties, as a consequence of occupying such new positions within these institutions, such as the "imposter syndrome."

Descriptions Change, The Artist Job Description will include the participation of artist-researcher Adrijana Gvozdenović; artist Julia Dahee Hong; artist-researcher Pia Louwerens; artist Felix Rapp; artist Evi Olde Rikkert; and artist-curator Joep Vossebeld

Due to the current ongoing pandemic the research seminar Descriptions Change, The Artist Job Description, which was previously scheduled to happen at the end of last year was postponed and later moved into a printed format. Now the research seminar Descriptions Change, The Artist Job Description will be first published in collaboration with Track Report (Antwerp), OAZA Books (Zagreb), and a.pass, advanced performance and scenography studies (Brussels) and later released on the 29th of October as part of the ARTICULATE 2021 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

The research seminar 'Descriptions Change, The Artist Job Description' stems from the Ph.D. research project, titled 'The Artist Job Description: A Practice Led Artistic Research for the Employment of the Artist, as an Artist, Inside the Art Institution'. The Artist Job Description is developed by artist Vijai Maia Patchineelam at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at ViDi, Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center, University of Antwerp. Taking place within the framework of ARIA, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts, a partnership among the Antwerp Schools of Arts and the University of Antwerp with the additional support by OJO, Omkadering van Jonge Onderzoekers.