8 - 10 February 2022, University of Antwerp

Seminar initiated by CCQO

Although culture in principle is a common shared good that is accessible to everyone, cultural production is often regulated by either a government or the market in an exclusive way. In this conference we will shed light on how commons relate to the market and the government. In particular, we will observe how commons shape or can shape culture. And, vice-versa, how does culture shape the commons? How can artists and other cultural professionals organize themselves more independently from governments and markets? What strategies do activists use to fight for this space for culture? But also: how do activists use art and culture to appropriate ground from state and market and make it common space again? How could a governmental policy then relate to cultural commoners? And finally, do cultural commoning practices have different artistic and aesthetic demands and expressions than subsidized or commercialized art?

The Culture Commons Quest Office (CCQO) is an interdisciplinary research team that has been working on these questions between 2016 and 2021 and will now present its research results during the symposium. In addition, the floor also will be given to other researchers, artists and activists who articulate answers to the above questions in both theory and practice. Combining lectures with debates, workshops and artistic presentations, the conference is aimed at scholars as well as policymakers, activists, artists, cultural professionals and students who want to work with and in (culture) commons.