17 November 2021, De Singel Antwerp

ARIA Research Seminar initiated by Carlos Brito Dias

This seminar will present elements of traditional Portuguese culture and the way different composers use the resulting aspects of their culture in their pieces.From concepts such as 'Identity', 'Tradition' and 'Culture' and their development in history (P. Gielen and T. Pereira), and analysing the cultural, social and historical context of three events from Braga, Portugal, (R. Ferreira and Rusga de S. Vicente), the processes of composition and development of the creative process will be displayed.

Composers Angela da Ponte, Carlos Brito Dias, Nuno Costa and Wim Henderickx will expose their artistic views on the (re)use of traditional materials (or different cultural heritages) in their pieces, having as ground the re-invention and translation of traditional elements, and the deliberate explorations of the artistic potential of these, embedded in a theoretical, contemporary framework.


  • 10:00 - Coffee and welcome
  • 10:30 - Introduction by Carlos Brito Dias 
  • 10:50 - Pascal Gielen
  • 11:20 - Tiago Pereira
  • 12:00 - break
  • 12:15 - Angela da Ponte
  • 12:45 - Nuno Costa
  • 13:15 - lunch break

  • 14:30 - Rusga de S. Vicente on 'Queima do home', Carnaval event from Braga
  • 14:55 - Carlos Brito Dias - Explanation of 'home(m)', piece for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano, and the use of elements from 'Queima do Home'
  • 15:15 - Rui Ferreira on 'Semana Santa de Braga' (Holy Week in Braga, Easter tradition).
  • 15:45 - Carlos Brito Dias - Explanation of 'do lume que pesa', piece for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and electronics, and the use of elements from 'Semana Santa de Braga'
  • 16:15 - break
  • 16:30 - Rui Ferreira presentation about 'St. John festival in Braga'
  • 17:00 - Carlos Brito Dias - Explanation of the use of elements from 'St. John's Festival' in Braga in my pieces.
  • 17:30 - Wim Henderickx
  • 18:00 - break

  • 20:00 - Concert


De Singel, Gele Zaal, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Participation is free, but registration is required.