June 2021 -  Online event

The seminar is Initiated by Lara García Díaz and Katinka de Jonge within the framework of the research project Te(n) Cuidado.

Thinking about fucking in a different way would simply mean thatwhen we say I’m being fucked by the system we’re saying we’re getting badly fucked– badly circluded, for instance – or, more precisely, not getting fucked at all.Sophie Lewis, 2016 

What role does care play in cultural organizations and/or artistic practice to ensure its sustainability?Does care penetrate or circlude cultural organizations and/or artistic practices? How does care become tangible in artistic and cultural practices and organizations in that screwing or getting screwed by the systems? Do we aspire for cultural institutions and/or artistic practice to operate from care? What exactly does this mean? 

Care is being a concept widely used today in the cultural sector in relation to the need to conceive more sustainable structures that pay attention to the precarious conditions in which cultural workers operate. However, care has historically been sustained by a complex relation of power structures that can be easily reproducible when inserting care in cultural organizations or artistic practices. Therefore,if care is to really guide the fundamental political and organizational changes in our daily life and in cultural practices and organizations, a space from which to be able to point out the complexities and the messines involved in care itself is necessary to not get screwed once again. Using this seminar to foster convocational collaboration between 6 cultural organizations and collectives based in Spain and Belgium, the intention is to empirically and collectively draw and share how to use care in cultural organizations and/or artistic practices to conceive other models of cultural production.

Only the invited organizations can participate in the event. Some recordings will be shared publicly after the event.



KAK (www.k-a-k.be) is a loose-fixed association of theater makers, tinkerers, musicians and other cheaters. K.A.K.organizes its own working conditions and looks for new forms of creation, presentation and meeting.K.A.K. always creates a common platform to enter into a dialogue with each other. The workingmethods, shapes and frameworks of the presentations change every time. 

Volksroom (www.instagram.com/volksroomwww.facebook.com/volksroom) is an independent space dedicated to artistic research on performance and dance.We offer residencies to artists, possibilities to perform, research or to teach workshops.We invite all curious to come and visit us in Brussels during one of our Open Monday PerformancePlatform.Post 

Post Collective (post.opendesigncourse.be) is an autonomous platform of co-creation, co-learning and cultural activismcreated by and for refugees, asylum seekers, sans papiers and accomplices. It seeks to introduce arange of artistic, cultural and employment opportunities, as well as provide an overall collaborativeenvironment for its members regardless of their legal status. Generative modes of dialogue andstorytelling form the basis to our speculative and experiential approaches to art and design. 


ConcienciaAfro. The ConcienciaAfro team is made up of African and Afro-descendant people from different areas that make up a multidisciplinary and choral team. 

Plata (platalugar.tumblr.com) is a place under construction where a common and common coexistence is organized. A placewhere the community is invited to propose lines of creation, thought and research. 

Larre (tencuidado.org) is a feminist collective that uses cultural mediation to propose processes of social transformationwith an intersectional and intergenerational perspective. Its organization is structured based on puttingcare at the center, which affects the articulation of its processes as well as the work dynamicsestablished in the group itself.