Research board - OR-ARIA

ARIA’s research board, or OR-ARIA, advises the steering committee on ARIA’s research policy and on doctoral study projects. OR-ARIA also organises research and PhD seminars, in consultation and cooperation with the Schools of Arts


Full and substitute members

  • Nele Wynants, chair (UAntwerp)
  • Bart Eeckhout (UAntwerp)
  • Ching Lin Pang (UAntwerp) (substitute)
  • Paolo Favero (UAntwerp)
  • Philippe Meers (UAntwerp) (substitute)
  • Steven Jacobs (UAntwerp)
  • Pascal Gielen (UAntwerp) (substitute)
  • Johan De Walsche (UAntwerp)
  • Els De Vos (UAntwerp) (substitute)
  • Petra Van Brabandt (Sint Lucas Antwerp)
  • Wesley Meuris (Sint Lucas Antwerp)
  • Karen Vermeren (Sint Lucas Antwerp) (substitute)
  • Joachim Ben Yakoub (Sint Lucas Antwerp)
  • Kim Gorus (Sint Lucas Antwerp) (substitute)
  • Ruth Loos (Sint Lucas Antwerp)
  • Frederik De Bleser (Sint Lucas Antwerp) (substitute)
  • Annelys de Vet (Sint Lucas Antwerp)
  • Robin Vanbesien (Sint Lucas Antwerp) (substitute)
  • Kevin Voets (Royal Conservatoire)
  • Bob Selderslaghs (Royal Conservatoire)
  • Annouk Vanmoorsel (Royal Conservatoire) (substitute)
  • Umut Eldem (Royal Conservatoire)
  • Liselotte Sels (Royal Conservatoire) (substitute)
  • Frank Agsteribbe (Royal Conservatoire)
  • Lies Colman (Royal Conservatoire) (substitute)
  • Thomas R. Moore (Royal Conservatoire)
  • Andrew Claes (Royal Conservatoire) (substitute)
  • Els De bruyn, vice-chair (Royal Academy)
  • Steven Humblet (Royal Academy)
  • Bert Danckaert (Royal Academy) (substitute)
  • Thomas Crombez (Royal Academy)
  • Els Dietvorst (Royal Academy) (substitute)
  • Roel Arkesteijn (Royal Academy)
  • Anton Cotteleer (Royal Academy) (substitute)
  • Kristof Timmerman (Royal Academy) 
  • Janna Beck (Royal Academy) (substitute)