Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

The Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery of the University Hospital Antwerp is the surgical service dealing with the treatment of diseases of the vessels (veins and arteries), lymfatics, lungs, chest wall and mediastinum (except the heart and oesophagus), by medication, surgical procedures or endovascular techniques.

Our department became an independent unit in 2000.

Working in the department are professor dr. Jeroen Hendriks, prof dr Paul Van Schil, dr. Patrick Lauwers, dr. Chantal Vandenbroeck, dr Krishan Yogeswaran, dr Annemie van Breussegem, dr Caroline Toelen, dr Lore Fias and dr Sophie Delalieux.



Prof. dr. Jeroen Hendriks

Wilrijkstraat 10

2650 Edegem
Tel. 038213024
Tel. 038213769 (secr)