Publications in the spotlight

Image-guided phenotyping of ovariectomized mice : altered functional connectivity, cognition, myelination, and dopaminergic functionality
Anckaerts Cynthia   van Gastel Jaana   Leysen Valerie   Hinz Rukun   Azmi Abdelkrim   Simoens Pascal   Shah Disha   Kara Firat   Langbeen An   Bols Peter   Laloux Charlotte   Prevot Vincent   Verhoye Marleen   Maudsley Stuart   Van Der Linden Anne-Marie  
Neurobiology of aging - ISSN 0197-4580-74 (2019) p. 77-89
Advancing the Zebrafish embryo test for endocrine disruptor screening using micro-injection : Ethinyl estradiol as a case study
Michiels Ellen   Vergauwen Lucia   Lai Foon Yin   Town Raewyn M.   Covaci Adrian   van Nuijs Alexander   Van Cruchten Steven   Knapen Dries  
Environmental toxicology and chemistry - ISSN 0730-7268-38:3 (2019) p. 533-547
On the characterisation of the porcine gland-specific salivary proteome
Prims Sara   Van Raemdonck Geert   Vanden Hole Charlotte   Van Cruchten Steven   van Ginneken Christa   van Ostade Xaveer   Casteleyn Christophe  
Journal of proteomics - ISSN 1874-3919-196 (2019) p. 92-105
A low-cost and easy-to-use phantom for cone-beam geometry calibration of a tomographic X-ray system
Nguyen Van Thi Huyen   De Beenhouwer Jan   Sanctorum Jonathan   Van Wassenbergh Sam   Aerts Peter   van Ginneken Christa   Dirckx Joris   Sijbers Jan  
9th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Padova, Italy (iCT 2019)-
The fish embryo as a model for AOP development
Vergauwen Lucia   Van Cruchten Steven   Knapen Dries  
A systems biology approach to advancing adverse outcome pathways for risk assessment / Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia [edit.]; et al.-p. 43-73

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