About AXES

The AXES research group performs fundamental, methodological and application-oriented research involving a wide range of analytical techniques. A recurring theme in our research is the use of state-of-the-art methods for determination of low concentration levels and/or for imaging of (one or multiple) analyte species. These methods are frequently (but not exclusively) applied to address environmental problems.

The research activities of the AXES research group comprise:

  • Fundamental and applied (bio)electrochemical research
  • Development of (electro)analytical strategies for selective detection, quantitation and monitoring of low concentration levels of environmentally important compounds
  • Elemental trace-analysis and bio-analytical imaging at the microscopic level in solid materials
  • X-ray micro- and nanobeam characterization of the electronic/redox properties of materials
  • Non-destructive hyperspectral imaging at the macroscopic level
  • Method, instrument and software development in the above areas