SMCBS 2019

9th International Workshop on Surface Modification for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing

8 November - 12 November 2019 in ┼╗elechów, Poland

Optimization of the Detection of Phenolic Compounds by Singlet Oxygen based Electrosensing

Poster presentation by Liselotte Neven, Hanan Barich, Vincent H. Y. Ching, Stanislav Trashin, Sabine Van Doorslaer and Karolien De Wael

MA-XRF scanning in Conservation, Art and Archeology 2019

MA-XRF scanning in Conservation, Art and Archeology

15 October - 16 October 2019 in Catania, Italy

Depth-resolved MA-XRPD: possibilities and limitations

Oral contribution by F. Vanmeert, S. de Meyer, E. Avranovich, N. de Keyser, A. van Loon, A. Vandivere and K. Janssens

Comparative scanning on two versions of Head of Medusa by P.P. Rubens

Oral contribution by N. De Keyser, S. Legrand, G. Van der Snickt, G. Gruber, E. Oberthaler, P. Tomášek and K. Janssens

Electrochemistry Conference 2019

Electrochemistry Conference 2019 (ISE sponsored)

30 September - 2 October 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey

Photoelectrochemical tests for catalytic activity of soluble photosensitizers toward photooxidation of phenols

Oral contribution by Shahid Ullah Khan, Stanislav Trashin, Yuliya S Korostei, Tatiana V Dubinina, Larisa G Tomilova, Sammy W Verbruggen and Karolien De Wael


EnFI 2019

12th International Workshop on Engineering of Functional Interfaces

8 July - 9 July 2019 in Leuven, Belgium

Singlet Oxygen Electrosensing of Phenolic Contaminants

Poster presentation by Liselotte Neven, Hannan Barich, Stanislav Trashin, Sabine Van Doorslaer and Karolien De Wael

Workshop Macro-XRF Imaging of Dutch Seventeenth-Century Masters 2019

Workshop Macro-XRF Imaging of Dutch Seventeenth-Century Masters

26 June 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flower and Fruit still lives

Oral contribution by N. De Keyser

TechnArt 2019

Technart 2019

07 May - 10 May 2019 in Bruges, Belgium

Beneath the texture: A comparison of non-invasive imaging techniques for the study of Abraham Mignon's Still Life with Flowers and a Watch, c. 1660-1679

Oral presentation by N.De Keyser, F. Vanmeert, S. De Meyer, V. Gonzalez, A. Van Loon, K. Keune, E. Hermens, F. Gabrieli, G. Van der Snickt, and K. Janssens

Differentiating two original stratified smalt layers and overpaints by combined MA-XRF scanning and quantitative SEM-EDX analysis: Monitoring the complex cleaning process of Jan Massijs' Judith

Poster presentation by N. De Keyser, G. Borms, S. Legrand, G. Van der Snickt, G. Nuyts, and K. Janssens

Improving the quality of MA-XRPD distribution images using an attenuation correction

Poster presentation by F. Vanmeert and K. Janssens


2nd European Biosensor Symposium (EBS2019)

18 February- 21 February 2019 in Florence, Italy

Bio-inspired laser-induced electrochemical sensing strategies

Oral contribution by K. De Wael

The affinity between aptamers and low molecular weight compounds: a cautionary tale

Oral contribution by F. Bottari, E. Daems, A.M. de Vries, P. Van Wielendaele, S. Trashin, R. Blust, F. Sobott, J.C. Martins, A. Madder and K. De Wael

Conductive imprinted polymers for the direct electrochemical detection of β-lactam antibiotics: the case of cefquinome

Poster presentation by G. Moro, N. Sleegers, F. Bottari, L. M. Moretto and K. De Wael

Reactive oxygen species generated on titania impregnated with horseradish peroxidase as a source for the detection of phenolic compounds

Poster presentation by V. Rahemi, S. Trashin, Z. Hafideddine, S. Van Doorslaer, V. Meynen, L. Gorton and K. De Wael

Gold thin-film based photoelectrochemical DNA-sensors

Poster presentation by S.T. Shanmugam, S. Trashin and K. De Wael