• Prof Koen Janssens was awarded the EXSA award on outstanding achievement in X-ray Spectrometry

  • Best oral presentation in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry  won by Mats de Jong at ChemCYS 2016

  • Vanoushe receives the poster prize at the CHEMCH 2016 conference in Brussels, Belgium

  • Sanaz receives the poster prize at the SMCBS 2015 conference in Pultusk, Poland

  • Frederik Vanmeert receives 'Young Scientist' Award' for his oral contribution during the SR2A 2014 conference that took place at the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

  • Sanaz Pilehvar wins prize for her oral contribution at the ChemCYS conference in Blankenberge (27-28/02/2014), title of her talk 'electrochemical aptasensors for antibiotics'. 
  • In 2012 the UDIAS prize was awarded to Stijn Legrand for his Master thesis entitled: 'The construction of a macro reflection MIR scanning device'.