Research Highlights

March 2016

Best oral presentation in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry  won by Mats de Jong at ChemCYS 2016

November 2015

Poster prize won by Sanaz Pilehvar at SMCBS 2015 conference

October 2015

Publication in Angewandte Chemie: Evidence for Degradation of the Chrome Yellows in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: A Study Using Noninvasive In Situ Methods and Synchrotron-Radiation-Based X-ray Techniques

August 2015

Summer meeting on Bio-electrochemistry 2015 

April 2015

Finger-tip Electrochemical Sensors

Prof. Karolien De Wael visited Prof. Joseph Wang and his research group in San Diego. A collaboration on finger-tip electrochemical sensors was initiated and some first experiments were performed.

Thanks to FWO for supporting this research stay financially. 

Presentations at Technart 2015:

talks by K. Janssens, P. Van Espen and G. Van der Snickt. Posters by S. Legrand and K. Hellemans (not in the picture)

March 2015

Frederik Vanmeert's article on Van Gogh's minium degradation on the cover of Angewandte Chemie


February 2015

Inauguration Chair on Advanced imaging techniques for the arts