Research Highlights

July 2020 - Geert Van der Snickt's publication on the Lamb: Dual mode standoff imaging spectroscopy documents the painting process of the Lamb of God in the Ghent Altarpiece by J. and H. Van Eyck.

July 2020 - The University of Antwerp and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam are investigating the iconic painting ‘’The Milkmaid’ of J. Vermeer. The aim of the study is to determine whether or not Vermeer used pigments of the same outstanding quality in this painting as in the Girl with the Pearl Earring, another very well known work of the 17th century artist.


July 2020 - Explaining MA-XRF scanning on 'the Portrait of Margaretha Van Eyck', painted by Jan Van Eyck. Watch the video here.

April 2020 - Girl with a Pearl Earring originally stood for green curtain

April 2020 - "The Scream" will be better preserved from now on

January 2020 - AXES participates in Operation Nightwatch

April 2019 - Frederik Vanmeert obtained the degree of Doctor of Science.

March 2019 - AXES member Geert Van der Snickt was appointed Tenure track professor at the Department of Conservation Studies of The UA

April 2018 - Cover Analytical Chemistry:  Macroscopic X-ray Powder Diffraction Scanning: Possibilities for Quantitative and Depth-Selective Parchment Analysis

March 2018 - Cover Angewandte Chemie - Chemical Mapping by Macroscopic X‐ray Powder Diffraction (MA‐XRPD) of Van Gogh's Sunflowers: Identification of Areas with Higher Degradation Risk 

August 2016 - Prof Koen Janssens receives the EXSA award on outstanding achievement in X-ray Spectrometry.

March 2015 - Frederik Vanmeert's article on Van Gogh's minium degradation on the cover of Angewandte Chemie

February 2015 - Inauguration Chair on Advanced imaging techniques for the arts

September 2014 - Frederik Vanmeert receives 'Young Scientist' Award' for his oral contribution during the SR2A 2014 conference that took place at the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

2012 - Stijn Legrand receives the UDIAS prize for his Master thesis entitled: 'The construction of a macro reflection MIR scanning device'.