Laser ablation ICP-MS as a tool for surface analysis in comparison to other elemental analysis methods

Hellemans Kevin, 2019

Promotor: Koen Janssens

Highly specific X-ray powder diffraction imaging at the macroscopic and microscopic scale

Vanmeert Frederik, 2019

Promotors: Koen Janssens and Karolien De Wael


The influence of particular matter on cultural heritage

Anaf Willemien  2014

Promoters: Karolien De Wael and Koen Janssens


Imaging of crystalline phase distributions by means of scanning and tomographic X-ray powder diffraction

De Nolf Wout, 2013

Promotor: Koen Janssens

Development of Scanning macro-XRF for the investigation of historical paintings

Alfeld Matthias Wilhelm, 2013

Promotors: Koen Janssens and José Broekaert (University of Hamburg)

Understanding of chemical reactions involved in pigment discoloration, in particular in mercury sulfide (HgS) blackening.

Radepont Marie, 2013
Promotors: Koen Janssens and Marine Cotte (ESRF)


James Ensor's pigments studied by means of portable and synchrotron radation-based X-ray techniques: evolution, context and degradation

Van de Snickt Geert, 2012

Promotors: Koen Janssens and Peter Eyskens

The degradation process of lead chromate yellows in paintings by Vincent Van Gogh

Monico Letizia, 2012

Promotors: Koen Janssens and Brunetto G. Brunetti

Compositional analysis of historical glass

Cagno Simone, 2012

Promotor: Koen Janssens


Compositional analysis of 12th to 19th century enamel on metal artefacts

Van der Linden Veerle, 2010

Promotor: Koen Janssens