Surface analysis


TOF-SIMS IV upgraded with state-of-the-art primary ion gun and sputter gun (similar to TOF-SIMS V).

This mass spectrometer is maintained by ION-TOF Gmbh.
We have a Bismuth Liquid Metal Ion Gun (LMIG) which provides superior secondary ion yield and can be focussed to a spot of 150 nm.
Sputtering is done by C60 or Cesium.


• Several modes optimised for spectroscopy or imaging
• Lateral resolution of up to 150 nm in imaging mode
• Mass resolution of up to 2000 (FWHM on H+) in spectroscopy mode
• Dual-beam depth profiling (Bi for analysis, C60 for sputtering)
• Stage with 5 independent axes (X, Y, Z, rotation and tilt)
• Vacuum system with advanced turbo-pumps for pressures as low as 10-10 mbar
• Sample size up to 10 cm x 10 cm

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Park Systems XE 100


• XY motorized stage 100 µm x 100 µm
• Z-range 12 µm
• XY-resolution: until 1 nm
• Z-resolution: until 0.1 nm

Sample preparation

Spincoating and barcoating (not pictured) are methods to apply a uniform, repeatable layer on a substrate.
The microtome is used for cutting under very low angles in order to maximize the surface of the different sectioned layers.