The BAMS group

The Biomolecular & Analytical Mass Spectrometry (BAMS) group is headed by Profs. Frank Sobott (left) and Filip Lemière (right; speaker) in the Department of Chemistry.

Our group members are international, and their funding comes from a variety of sources. We have PhD students with fellowships from FWO, IWT and UA as well as industry, and postdoc funding is also from various European sources (H2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions) and industry.

Technical staff in the group fulfills a number of roles, including analysis service to internal and external customers. They also provide instrument support for BAMS equipment as well as for the UA-VITO core facility and collaborative Center for Proteomics (CFP), which are co-located with the group.

Group members (2018)

Boschmans, Jasper (PhD, Visitor, Owlstone)
Budamgunta, Harshavardhan (PhD student, joint with CFP)
Daems, Elise (PhD student)
De Vijlder, Thomas (Visitor, Janssen Pharmaceutica)
Goossens, Eliane (PhD student)
Hammerschmid, Dietmar (PhD student, joint with PPES)
Konijnenberg, Albert (PhD student)
Lemière, Filip (Professor)
Lermyte, Frederik (PhD, Visitor, Univ. Warwick)
Meersman, Filip (Visitor, Mylène)
Moons, Rani (PhD student)
Sobott, Frank (Professor)
Vandercruys, Jan (Visitor, AGFA)
Van Dyck, Jeroen (PhD student)

Past members (since 2010)

Adriaenssens, Yves (Masters student)
Barroso Ramos, Albert (ext. PhD student, U Barcelona)
Barylyuk, Konstantin (Postdoctoral associate): now U Cambridge
Butterer (Kotter), Annika (PhD)
Chatterjee, Sneha (PhD)
Defillet, Joeri (Masters student)
De Jongh, Christophe (Masters student)
De Jonghe, Charlotte (Masters student)
Dewaele, Debbie (PhD)
Duvivier, Louis (ext. Masters student, U Lille)
D'Urzo, Annalisa (Erasmus technical staff, U Bologna)
Hage, Christoph (ext. Masters student, TU Dresden): now U Halle
Hancke, Norbert (Technical staff,  retired)
Heidemann, Johannes (ext. PhD student, HPI Hamburg)
Hertel, Jonas (Visiting student)
Kailing, Lyn Lisette (ext. Masters student, U Frankfurt/M.)
Kölbel, Knut (Postdoctoral associate)
Łącki, Mateusz (ext. PhD student, U Warsaw)
Mariën-Bouwens, Roel (Bachelor student)
Martin, Esther (Postdoctoral associate): now U Leeds
Mittnenzweig, Markus (ext. Masters student, HU Berlin): now Weierstrass Inst., Berlin
Moons, Nicola (PhD student)
Obbels, Jens (Masters student)
Peleman, Ward (Bachelor student)
Portelli, Maria Stella (Erasmus student, U Malta)
Ramirez, Francisco (Technical staff)
Ranica, Simona (Erasmus student, U Milano-Bicocca)
Santambrogio, Carlo (Erasmus PhD student, U Milano-Bicocca)
Schildermans, Karin (Technical staff)
Soete, Peter (Technical staff)
Taujenis, Lukas (ext. PhD student, U Vilnius)
Tytgat, Liesbeth (Master student)
Van Roeyen, Clara (Masters student)
Van Vaeck, Luc† (Professor, UA)
Vercammen, Yannick (Postdoctoral associate): now Topchim, Wommelgem
Verschueren, Tim (PhD student): now Pfizer, Puurs
Witters, Erwin (Kemin Industries)
Wood, Michelle (PhD)






Past members