EGAMI - imaging consortium

The Bio-Imaging Lab is proud to be a member of the Expert Group Antwerp Molecular Imaging (EGAMI – image) which represent a service platform that integrates all molecular imaging techniques and expertise present at the University of Antwerp.


EGAMI translates academic expertise in biomedical imaging into applied services for pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Within the consortium imaging technologies are applied in basic research of cancer, or other pathologies of the brain, lung and abdomen. In addition, imaging techniques are used to evaluate drug effects within these pathologies including transgenic mice models.
In addition, EGAMI develops, in close collaboration with ADDN and the radio pharmacy unit of the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA), new radio nucleotide-labeled biomarkers for the oncology field.


EGAMI is the pre-clinical imaging consortium of the University of Antwerp and currently comprises three ambitious research groups: the Bio-Imaging Lab, the Molecular Imaging Center Antwerp (MICA) and the Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology. In addition, EGAMI has close collaborations with the Vision Lab for post-processing of medical images.


There are currently no vacancies at the Bio-Imaging Lab.