Prof. Van der Linden, Prof. Verhoye and Prof. Keliris are lecturers of different course modules of the University of Antwerp within the bachelor and master programmes of biomedical sciences, veterinary sciences and physics. They teach the bachelor courses Medical Physics and radioprotection (Ba Veterinary), Data Collection and Processing  & Studium Generale in biomedical sciences (Ba BMS), they exploit their expertise in small animal neuro-imaging as lecturers of different courses with as learning outcomes the physical principles of imaging, image reconstruction and clinical & preclinical applications of the different biomedical imaging modalities: Biomedical imaging techniques (Ma Phys), Principles of in vivo biomedical imaging, preclinical and clinical studies & System Neuroscience (Ma BMS), Preclinical and clinical imaging with focus on neurology (Ma BMS & Ma Phys). They organize dedicated MRI hands-on training giving hands on insight in how image contrasts can be acquired (technically) and what are the underlying physiological or anatomical mechanisms for each image contrast. The Bio-Imaging Lab is also open to guide imaging Bachelor and master thesis projects.

Recent Master thesis subjects

  • Season dependent processing of learned and innate conspecific vocalizations in male and female songbirds
  • Dynamic resting state functional MRI: Analysis towards the extraction of Quasi Periodic Patterns of neural activity in an animal model of Huntington’s disease
  • Visuospatial Discrimination Task for Assessing Attentional Processes in Rats