BOLD and CBV-weighted Functional magnetic resonance
rats, mice and songbirds
​=> visual  and auditory stimulation
=> electrical stimulation                   
 => optogenetic / DREADDs manipulation
GE/SE EPI, RARE, RAREST acquisition at 9.4 T or 7T
Preprocessing and Analysis in SPM 
Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging based assessment of functional connectivity 
rats and mice and songbirds 
GE/SE EPI, RARE, RAREST acquisition at 9.4 T or 7T
Preprocessing and analysis in SPM, FSL.
=> seed based/ICA/Graph analysisimage registration
Extraction of whole-brain Quasi-periodic patterns from dynamical rsfMRI (high temporal resolution) and co-activation patterns in mice and rats from dynamical rsfMRI (high temporal resolution), Effective connectivity and Normalized Directed Transfer Entropy
 => Matlab code
rats and mice
GE/SE EPI,  acquisition at 9.4 T or 7T    
 Preprocessing and Analysis in SPM and Matlab
Analysis of the chemical composition of tissues with MR spectroscopy 
1H and 31P
Diffusion Tensor and Kurtosis magnetic resonance imaging based assessment of microstructural integrity and anatomical connectivity 
rats, mice and songbirds   
DTI/DKI acquisition schemes (SE, FSE, EPI)  
Analysis in SPM, Matlab and MRtrix.  
=> processing of diffusion data (population based non linear) registration, 
=> ROI-based analysis and Voxel based analysis
=> deterministic and probabilistic fiber-tracking, spherical deconvolution. 
=> fixel based analysis