The aim of this team is to define in vivo, quantifiable and sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging markers that allow early detection of neurodegenerative proteineopathies. Hereto, rodent models of Parkinson’s Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s disease are studied by in vivo MRI.
These imaging markers are subsequently used in longitudinal follow up studies starting at the early disease stages up to disease progression in order to correlate the markers with behavior and histology.

Also, the adult mammalian brain displays neurogenesis in two regions (dendate gyrus of hippocampus and the subventricular zone in the lateral ventricles).
We develop in vivo MRI and Bioluminescence imaging tools to localize and quantify neurogenesis and the subsequent stem cell recruitment. These tools are then used to monitor endogeneous stem cell recruitment to the OB as a read out for neurogenesis or to damaged brain regions for repair.
We have various in situ MRI contrast labeling strategies for stem cells in the subventricular zone validated with MRI and histology.