Key publications

Cloud processing of secondary organic aerosol from isoprene and methacrolein photooxidation
Giorio Chiara   Monod Anne   Bregonzio-Rozier Lola   DeWitt Helen Langley   Cazaunau Mathieu   Temime-Roussel Brice   Gratien Aline   Michoud Vincent   Pangui Edouard   Ravier Sylvain   Zielinski Arthur T.   Tapparo Andrea   Vermeylen Reinhilde   Claeys Magda   Voisin Didier   Kalberer Markus   Doussin Jean-Francois  
The journal of physical chemistry : A : molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment and general theory - ISSN 1089-5639-121:40 (2017) p. 7641-7654
Source apportionment of carbonaceous chemical species to fossil fuel combustion, biomass burning and biogenic emissions by a coupled radiocarbon-levoglucosan marker method
Salma Imre   Nemeth Zoltan   Weidinger Tamas   Maenhaut Willy   Claeys Magda   Molnar Mihaly   Major Istvan   Ajtai Tibor   Utry Noemi   Bozoki Zoltan  
Atmospheric chemistry and physics - ISSN 1680-7316-17:22 (2017) p. 13767-13781
Contribution from selected organic species to PM2.5 aerosol during a summer field campaign at K-Puszta, Hungary
Maenhaut Willy   Chi Xuguang   Wang Wan   Cafmeyer Jan   Yasmeen Farhat   Vermeylen Reinhilde   Szmigielska Katarzyna   Janssens Ivan   Claeys Magda  
Atmosphere - ISSN 2073-4433-8:11 (2017)
Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures and thermal analyses of some new antimicrobial zinc complexes: New configurations and nano-size structures
Masoudiasl A.   Montazerozohori M.   Naghiha R.   Assoud A.   McArdle P.   Safi Shalamzari Mohammad  
Materials science and engineering: part C: biomimetic materials - ISSN 0928-4931-61 (2016) p. 809-823
Characterization of polar organosulfates in secondary organic aerosol from the unsaturated aldehydes 2-E-pentenal, 2-E-hexenal, and 3-Z-hexenal
Safi Shalamzari Mohammad   Vermeylen Reinhilde   Blockhuys Frank   Kleindienst Tadeusz E.   Lewandowski Michael   Szmigielski Rafal   Rudzinski Krzysztof J.   Spolnik Grzegorz   Danikiewicz Witold   Maenhaut Willy   Claeys Magda  
Atmospheric chemistry and physics - ISSN 1680-7316-16:11 (2016) p. 7135-7148

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