Former doctoral students

[year of defense (discipline); “title of thesis”, 2nd promoter (if applicable)]
  • Marie-CLaire Coene, 1983 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Characterization and pharmacodynamical evaluation of monohydroxy derivatives of arachidonic acid and linoleic acid", 2nd promoter: A.G. Herman
  • Alexander Duchateau, 1985 (Biochemistry);
"Quantitative determination of serotonin and 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid in brain tissue using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection".
  • Lieve Dillen, 1987 (Biochemistry);
"Evaluation of parameters for assessing neuronal activity in cerebrospinal fluid after administration of 2-antagonists and antidepressive therapy", 2nd promoter: W. De Potter.
  • Jan Claereboudt, 1992 (Chemistry);
"Desorption ionization and tandem mass spectrometry for the structural characterization of nonvolatile organic compounds of biomedical and synthetic interest", 2nd promoter: R. Gijbels.
  • Qi Min Li, 1994 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Development of mass spectrometric methods for the structural characterization of flavonoid glycosides".
  • Stefan Boel, 1994 (Chemistry);
"Mass spectrometric characterization of neuropeptides isolated from chromaffin granules".
  • An Van Cleempoel, 1997 (Chemistry);
"Chromatographic and mass spectrometric determination of fullerenes and fullerene oxides", 2nd promoter: R. Gijbels.
  • Xini Yi Zhang, 1997 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Isolation and mass spectrometric characterization of processing products of chromogranin A in chromaffin cells".
  • Libérata Nizigiyimana, 1999 (Chemistry);
"Study of the mechanism of high-energy collision-induced charge-remote fragmentation in fatty acid derivatives cationized with lithium".
  • Yu Liang Ma, 1999 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Development of mass spectrometric methods for the structural characterization of flavonoid glycosides and related natural products".
  • Filip Cuyckens, 2003 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Development and application of LC/MS and MS/MS methods for the structural characterization of flavonoid glycosides".
  • Wu Wang, 2005 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Characterization of isoprene oxidation products in atmospheric aerosols"
  • Ivan Kourtchev, 2008 (Chemistry);
"Polar organic marker compounds in atmospheric aerosols: Determination, time series, size distributions and sources"; 2nd promoter: W. Maenhaut (UGent)
  • Farhat Yasmeen, 2010 (Chemistry);
"Characterization of secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere by using mass spectrometric approaches.”; 2nd promoter: P.-C. Maria
Note: degree obtained at the Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Yadian Gómez-González, 2011 (Pharmaceutical Sciences);
"Molecular characterization and quantification of biogenic secondary organic aerosol in fine particulate matter from coniferous forest sites using liquid chromatography /(–)electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.”; 2nd promoter: I. A. Janssens


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