Regular meetings

Announcements regarding events or seminars organised by CAPRI will be posted on this page once the relevant information is available.

The following meetings are organized on a regular basis:

CAPRI Research Club

Present your research proposal and ask advice (all presentations are in Dutch)

Who: all researchers from CAPRI

Where: University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken, R3.40 (3rd floor, building R), Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp)

When: every 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 12:30pm till 2:00pm (lunch not included so bring your own lunch with you)


Programme 2016-2017:

  • 13/09/2016: "Het effect van inflammatoire en psychosociale stress op stemming en cognitie" (Peter Niemegeers)
  • 18/10/2016: "Defining subtypes of major depressive disorders based on biological, cognitive, motor and clinical (endo)phenotyping (Olivia Cools)
  • 15/11/2016: "Netwerktafels: een protocol voor samenwerking en cliëntparticipatie" (Thirsa Van Dongen)
  • 20/12/2016: "Inflammation and cognition in bipolar disorder" (Seline Van den Ameele)



Discuss about various aspects of psychiatry during an evening diner with your colleagues, possibly with a guest speaker (all discussions are in Dutch)

Who: every ASO (Arts Specialist in Opleiding)

Where: PZ Duffel, Congrescentrum ‘De Kleiput’, Stationsstraat 22C, 2570 Duffel

When: 6:30pm till 8:30pm (dinner included)


Programme 2016-2017:

11/10/2016:  "Psychotherapie en (assistent-) psychiaters."

georganiseerd door Julie Rivière en Niel Merckx

15/11/2016: georganiseerd door Thomas Pattyn en Marlieke Kluiver

13/12/2016: georganiseerd door Robin Baeten en Stijn Cleymans


Postgraduaat Psychiatrie

Listen to the presentation of a staff member of CAPRI or a 5th year ASO (Arts Specialist in Opleiding) on clinical psychiatry (most presentations are in Dutch, some in English)

Who: all those who are interested

Where: Omegazaal UZA (route 3, K013), Wilrijkstraat 10, 2650 Edegem

When: 12:00pm till 2:00pm (lunch not included so bring your own lunch with you)


Programme 2016-2017:

  • 04/10/2016: 'Ethiek in de psychiatrische praktijk: capita selecta en casuïstiek' (Professor Filip Van Den Eede)
  • 08/11/2016: 'De intuïtie van de psychiater' (dr. Kristiaan Plasmans en dr. Geert Van Asten)
  • 06/12/2016: 'Cognitieve gedragstherapie bij slapeloosheid; de behandeling voor de aanpak van chronische slaapproblemen' (mevr. Jana Maes)



Reflectie Avonden Psychiatrie founded for and by students (most presentations are in Dutch, some in English)

Who: medicine students

Where: University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken, Building Q - V1, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp) (exceptional the movie night in aula F. Nedée)

When: 5:30pm till 8:00pm (dinner included)


Programme 2016-2017:

  • 18/10/2016: Prof. Manuel Morrens will speak about the pro's and con's of pharma-industry
  • 17/11/2016: Ingrid De Jonghe speaks about her TEJO project.
  • 01/12/2016: dr. Winny Ang comes to talk about SOLENTRA (healthcare programme for refugees)


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