Affective and functional disorders

The related CAPRI research projects focus on the biological and psychological vulnerability for affective disorders (anxiety and depression) and functional disorders (chronic fatigue and pain), as well as the neurobiological characterization of these disorders.

The research line major depressive disorder (MDD) focuses on the integrity and significance of both the psychomotor and cognitive process in MDD as both processes are indispensable for an appropriate performance of simple, everyday activities as well as less frequent, more complex actions. Furthermore, we investigate the neurobiological underpinnings of these systems and look for a link between the psychomotor syndrome and functional outcome as well as quality of life measures. Current research focusses on the impact of electroconvulsive therapy on cognitive and psychomotor functioning in MDD. Moreover, a protocol investigating the efficacy and strengths of a stepped-care treatment algorithm in the assessment and treatment of mood disorders is currently in progress.


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