Child and Youth

The University Centre of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Antwerp (UCKJA) and the Child and Adolescent research program of CAPRI aims at connecting research and clinical practice. To establish good clinical practice we developed and will expand three major research lines within the research field of child and adolescent psychiatry:

Evidence-based diagnostic assessment and treatment in youth mental healthcare (Professor Dr Dirk van West)

The first area of research is the efficacy of care and treatment for children and adolescents and determining the factors that influence efficacy. Different research projects within this line will focus on the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions, such as psychomotor therapy in adolescents with conduct disorder, Functional Family Therapy (FFT, Multi Family Therapy (MFT) and therapy in infants with an eating disorder, or medica.

Based on a participatory action research approach different research projects are carried out in the domain of organization, collaboration, wraparound and evaluation of child and adolescent mental health care.

Professor Dr Dirk van West is also responsible for the project Herwerking van het instrument ter bepaling van de intensiteit van zorg voor kinderen en adolescenten (IZIKA - CASII) en van het instrument voor infants en kleuters (IZIIK - ESCII) voor gebruik i.f.v. de Intersectorale Toegangspoort (07/2013-02/2014).

Experimental psychopathology: children and adolescents  (Professor Dr Monica Dhar)

The aim is to gain a better understanding of the underlying cognitive mechanisms related to psychopathology in children, with the ultimate goal to assist and improve clinical intervention strategies. To accomplish this experimental and psychophysiological methods are used. Current projects include: 1) Understanding social cognition in children with disruptive behaviour disorders and 2) Emotion regulation in children with disruptive behaviour disorders.

Parenting support, developmental psychopathology and primary mental healthcare (Professor Dr Inge Glazemakers)

It is well known that parents and parenting support are important in the prevention and treatment of psychopathology of children and adolescents. The Triple P system is one of the most cost effective population based programs in this field. Different trials are carried out for parents with intellectual disabilities or have children with psychopathology, metabolic disease or live in poverty.

The UCKJA is also a centre of clinical excellence for the treatment of eating disorders in infants, children and adolescents; therefore, research projects on the developmental perspective of eating disorders will be complementary to the clinic.

Professor Dr Inge Glazemakers is also responsible for the project Protocollering Vraagverheldering Meldpunten Crisisjeugdhulp.

Van Dongen Thirsa, under the guidance of professor dr Inge Glazemakers, is responsible for the project Netwerkontwikkeling voor kinderen, jongeren met een complexe psychosociale problematiek. For more information click draaiboek netwerktafels.


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