FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTWIN

Description: Transmission Electron Microscope with cryo- and  tomography device
Applications: Classical TEM and TEM-Tomograpghy from ultrathin section of fixed samples embedded in resin

Cryo-TEM of vitrified samples (virusses, bacteria, small particles,...)

Samples: Biological and clinical samples
Specifications: 80 - 120 kV

Side-mount (2k x 2k Velata, Olympus) and bottom-mount CCD camera for high-quality digital images

Tomography (-60, 60)
Funding: The Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTWIN TEM was purchased with support of the Hercules Foundation (Hercules Type 2: AUHA004).

Jeol JSM-IT100

Description: Scanning Electron Microscope
Applications: Topography of cell cultures, tissues, membranes,…
Samples: Biological and clinical samples
Specifications: 0.5 kV - 20 kV (43 steps, selectable)

Detector for secondary electrons and Backscatter Imaging

Spectral Mapping, Multi-Point Analysis, Automatic Drift Compensation, Partial area, Line Scan, and Mapping Filter functions