Lunch seminar presented by David De Coninck, postdoctoral researcher, KU Leuven, Centre for Sociological Research

In the past years, the large number of incoming asylum seekers and refugees and their integration has proven to be one of the key challenges for policy makers in several European countries. The growing polarization of public opinion has spurred a strong scholarly interest in the dynamics of attitude formation towards migrants. The legitimacy of migrants is being increasingly challenged through (negative) claims by political actors and news media. This may result in feelings of (un)deservingness among the public towards migrant settlement in the destination country. In the field of social policy, important contributions have been made on deservingness, which mostly focus on the differential support among the public for welfare provisions for different groups based on the so-called CARIN criteria: control, attitude, reciprocity, identity, and need. David De Coninck argues that this model can be usefully extended to the investigation of the public's conditional support towards the settlement of migrants in their country. He will also highlight the important role of intergroup contact and news media consumption in the attitude formation process. 

This seminar will be online and in English. After registration you will receive a link for the presentation. 

Deadline to register is Friday 24 September 2021 (