Out of the box: communicating philosophy to a wide audience

Workshop Publieksfilosofie anders bekeken
Workshop Out of the box: communicating philosophy to a wide audience

4 juni / June 4 2018

Vind je het belangrijk om je onderzoek te vertalen naar een breed publiek? Ben je al vertrouwd met het geven van powerpoint-presentaties en klaar om iets nieuws te proberen? Heb je al gedacht aan het gebruiken van kortverhalen, blogposts, podcasts of theater performance om je filosofische inzichten te verspreiden? Maar kan je een duwtje in de rug gebruiken?

Kom dan naar deze workshop. Vier ervaringsdeskundige filosofen leiden je in in het gebruik van alternatieve media voor publieksfilosofie. Naast de vier praktijksessies is er ook een panelgesprek over het nut en belang van deze ‘alternatieve’ communicatiemiddelen voor filosofie.  

Do you find it important to communicate your research to a borad audience?  Are you already familiar with giving powerpoint-presentations and ready for something new? Would you like to try out some other formats of philosophy communication? 

At this one-day workshop we think about the usefulness and the feasibility of bringing philosophy to a wider public by means of short stories, blogposts, podcasts and theatre performance. There will be four practical sessions, where experts give tips and tricks, as well as a panel where there is room for more theoretical reflection on public philosophy.

The workshop will be partly in Dutch, partly in English.

9.30-10.00 welcome with coffee and tea
10.00-12.00 session 1: philosophy through short stories with Sara Uckelman
10.00-12.00 session 2: filosofische blogposts door Fleur Jongepier
12.00-13.00 lunch (provided)
13.00-13.45 panel discussion on the value and use of new communication formats for philosophers.
14.00-16.00 session 3: philosophy through podcasts with Katharina Smets
14.00-16.00 session 4: filosofisch theater door Pieter De Buysser

About the speakers:

About the speakers:

Dr. Sara Uckelman is professor in logic and medieval philosophy at Durham University, and the author of philosophical short stories and science-fiction. https://www.dur.ac.uk/philosophy/staff/?id=12928

Dr. Fleur Jongepier is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Philosophy in Cambridge working on a project on the normative significance of self-knowledge. Fleur is also one of the founders and present editor-in-chief of a popular Dutch academic philosophy blog, Bij Nader Inzien. www.fleurjongepier.nl


Katharina Smets teaches audiostorytelling at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp, makes podcasts and audio performances, worked for the national radio VRT, VPRO and BBC, and studied theatre and philosophy.http://kleinverzet.org/kv/katharina-smets/


Pieter De Buysser is a writer, moviemaker and playwright who studied philosophy in Antwerp and Paris. https://www.pieterdebuysser.com/nl/



Monday June 4 2018

University of Antwerp
Department of Philosophy 
(room to be announced after registration)

For whom?
Primarily PhD-students and Re-Ma-students but also every academic philosopher interested in communication to a broad audience

Participation is free, but please register before May 28:
Send an email to Katrien.Schaubroeck@uantwerpen.be
And indicate which two parallel sessions you want to follow

This workshop has been made possible with a grant from the OJO-fund of the University of Antwerp, and with the support of the Flemish Government.

This workshop is an excellent preparation for the Dutch-Flemish Philosophy Day (Saturday October 13, Antwerp) where academic researchers are invited to present their research via lectures, podcasts, performance, blogposts or short stories. There will be an award for the best achievement in each category.