Open academic staff position in the field of Natural Language Processing.

26.01.23 | UAntwerpen vacancies

Dubbellezing over opinies en communicatie rond covid-vaccinatie door Walter Daelemans en Karolien Poels

05.12.22 | Studium Generale - Universiteit Antwerpen

Hanne Surkyn on accomodation in young people's social media language

18.10.22 | VRT

Maxime De Bruyn at 16th Belgium NLP Meetup on 17/11/2022: What do language models know and not know?

07.10.22 | Belgium NLP Meetup

Walter Daelemans over chatbots en bewustzijn

16.06.22 | Radio 1

VAIA course on methods in language and speech technology

11.05.2022 | VAIA

TEXTUA: a new core facility for text mining

16.03.22 | UAntwerpen blog

How much medieval literature did we lose? Interdisciplinary Science publication by Mike Kestemont and colleagues

17.02.22 | VRT

Walter Daelemans at AI Inspiration Session on February 25th: Chatbot challenges

01.02.22 | Agoria

Reinhild Vandekerckhove on teenage language - "Bestie" teenage word of the year.

14.12.21 | DeMorgen

Walter Daelemans on Natural Language Processing at TEDx Antwerp 2021


Ehsan Lotfi wins best paper award at EMNLP's 3rd workshop on NLP for ConvAI


Maxime De Bruyn wins best paper award at EMNLP's 3rd MRQA workshop


Hoe schrijven mensen op sociale media over vaccins?

14.10.21 | UAntwerpen blog

VaccinChat beantwoordt al je vaccinatievragen

07.06.21 | UAntwerpen blog

Moeten de dt-regels op de schop?

21.04.21 | VRT

Reinhild Vandekerckhove legt uit: Schrijven Vlaamse jongeren ‘coolkast’ of ‘koelkast’?

09.04.21 | Radio 1

Mike Kestemont over wat Reynaert de Vos ons over mensen wil vertellen

25.03.21 | Radio 1

Dominiek Sandra over kinderen die tekenfilmtaal imiteren

19.03.21 | Radio Nostalgie

GPT-3, of de sterkte en zwakte van brute kracht in een taalmodel

15.03.21 | De Standaard

19.10.22 | Congratulations to our newest doctor Tim Kreutz

Our colleague Tim Kreutz successfully defended his PhD thesis Tapping the Social Stream: inducing language resources for computational social science. Congratulations dr. Kreutz!

Maxime De Bruyn received the Best Paper Award at MRQA 2021

At this year’s EMNLP, the 3rd Workshop on Machine Reading for Question Answering will be held. Maxime De Bruyn won the Best Paper Award with his paper on MFAQ, a multilingual FAQ dataset.

27.09.21 | Congratulations to our newest doctor Pieter Fivez

“More Meaning than Meets the Eye: robust and scalable applications of pre-trained representations for biomedical NLP.” This is the title of Pieter Fivez' thesis on information extraction from clinical documents, which he successfully defended. Congratulations dr. Fivez!

Baekeland mandate for Andriy Kosar

Andriy Kosar became a VLAIO Baekeland mandate holder to conduct industrial doctoral research in the field of NLP. The project aims to develop novel techniques for automatic topic detection that overcome the current limitations of traditional topic modeling and keyword extraction methods. The research will be conducted in cooperation with CLiPS (University of Antwerp) and language technology company Textgain under the supervision of Prof. Walter Daelemans and Guy De Pauw. The mandate is sponsored by Flemish Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen.

06.07.21 | Congratulations to our newest doctor Enrique Manjavacas Arévalo

Our colleague Enrique Manjavacas Arévalo successfully defended his PhD thesis on a stunning mix of modern computational approaches applied on the literary "intertextuality" of Medieval religious (Latin) writings. Congratulations dr. Manjavacas!

VaccinChat: a Dutch chatbot on Covid-19 vaccination

CLiPS launches VaccinChat, a Dutch chatbot that answers your questions related to Covid-19 vaccines and the Flemish vaccination campaign. Go and try it out at

Welcome to Jens Van Nooten, our new doctoral student at CLiPS

Before joining the CLiPS research team, Jens obtained a master’s degree in computational psycholinguistics and a bachelor’s degree in linguistics & literature (German-English) at the University of Antwerp. At CLiPS, he will be investigating the application of state of the art NLP methods in the context of e-tendering and monitoring of vaccine-related messages on social media.

12.03.21 | Congratulations to our newest doctor Madhumita Sushil

Our member Madhumita Sushil successfully defended her PhD on ‘Exploring and Understanding Neural Models for Clinical Tasks’.

Welcome to Andriy Kosar, our new doctoral student at CLiPS

​His research focuses on possible improvements of topic modeling with neural embeddings.

Before joining us, Andriy received a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from KU Leuven with a specialty in Speech and Language Technologies. He has over ten years of experience in commercial software development, mainly helping businesses designing software solutions. During his IT career, he also obtained an MBA.