Research groups

We have two subgroups within CLiPS:

  • Computational Linguistics
    We focus on the application of statistical and machine learning methods, trained on corpus data, to explain human language acquisition and processing data, and to develop automatic text analysis systems that are accurate, efficient, and robust enough to be used in practical applications. These applications include for example automatic analysis of biomedical and clinical text. In Digital Humanities research we contribute to the DH platform with research on authorship attribution and author profiling, and social media analysis.
  • Psycholinguistics
    In language acquisition research, we study children's speech as well as the development of their writing abilities. We focus on early acquisition (children's language production in the first years of life) as well as on later stages of acquisition (youngsters' creative formation of new writing conventions in their chat language). In language processing research, our interests concern reading and spelling. The focus here is on the nature of the mental representations and processes underpinning online language use in experienced language users, although their precursors in the acquisition process are also included in the study.