Seminars 2012

Group Seminars

  1. Prof. Dr. Enrico Silva
    Superconducting properties of Superconductor/Ferromagnet/Superconductor heterostructures: a microwave study
    19 December 2012

  2. Lucia Komendova
    Two-band superconductors: Hidden criticality deep in the superconducting state
    12 December 2012

  3. Dr. Lucian Covaci
    Strain engineering of electronic correlations in graphene
    5 December 2012

  4. Jose Garcia
    Localization effects on the electronic properties of graphene due to H-site adatoms
    23 November 2012

  5. Prof. Dr. David Neilson
    High Temperature Superfluidity in Double Bilayer Graphene
    21 November 2012

  6. Dr. Denis Vodolazov
    Single photon detection by current-carrying superconducting film: a time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau approach
    14 November 2012

  7. Dr. J. Bünemann
    Variational study of Fermi surface deformations in Hubbard models
    8 November 2012

  8. Dr. Denis Vodolazov
    Saddle point states in 2D superconducting film biased near the depairing current
    7 November 2012

  9. Diego Lucena
    Tunable diffusion of magnetic particles in a quasi-one-dimensional channel
    24 October 2012

  10. Dean Moldovan
    Resonant valley filtering of massive Dirac electrons
    17 October 2012

  11. Prof. Dr. Wilson A. Ortiz
    Threshold critical current densities to trigger flux avalanches in superconducting thin films
    12 October 2012

  12. Dr. Vyacheslav Misko
    Using self-driven microswimmers for particle separation
    3 October 2012

  13. Prof. T. Chakraborty
    Aspects of many-electron physics in graphene (I-III)
    6 September 2012

  14. Prof. T. Chakraborty
    Tachyons in topological insulators: faster than the speed of light
    26 July 2012

  15. Prof. Wen XU
    Theoretical and experimental study on graphene and nanostructures
    18 July 2012

  16. Prof. Dr. V.M. Fomin
    Phonon Heat Transport in One-Dimensional Quantum-Dot Superlattices and Cross-Section Modulated Nanowires
    28 June 2012

  17. Prof. Dr. A.V. Nikolaev
    The gamma-alpha phase transition in cerium as a hidden structural phase transformation
    21 June 2012

  18. Prof. dr. Roger Wördenweber
    Functional Oxides: From Multiferroic to Fluxonic Concepts
    14 June 2012

  19. Dr. Jorge Budagosky
    Magnetically driven hole mixing and optical properties of AlxGa1-xAs/AlyGa1-yAs Quantum Wire-Dot assemblies
    13 June 2012

  20. Prof. Dr. Jeanlex Soares de Sousa
    One by one electron charging and discharging in Ge NC flash memories
    31 May 2012

  21. Prof. Andrea Perali
    Pseudogap in ultracold Fermi gases: comparison with experiments and Quantum Monte Carlo results and insights for the pseudogap phase of cuprates
    16 May 2012

  22. Dr. W. V. Pogosov
    ‘Probabilistic’ approach to Richardson equations
    9 May 2012

  23. Dr. Fabiana Da Pieve
    Mercury chalcogenides and their role in the colour evolution of paintings
    2 May 2012

  24. Dr. Hasan Sahin
    First Principles Investigation of Graphene-like Materials
    25 April 2012

  25. Jozef Sivek
    First-principles investigation of titanium and titanium dioxide adsorption on graphene
    18 April 2012

  26. Venkata Ravi Kishore
    Band gap engineering in InAs/GaSb core-shell nanowires
    11 April 2012

  27. Sílvia Helena Roberto de Sena
    Landau levels in asymmetric graphene trilayers
    28 March 2012

  28. Prof. Dr. Karl Michel
    "Isostructural" phase transition in elemental Cerium
    21 March 2012

  29. Eduardo Galvan
    Ginzburg-Landau theory of the zigzag transition in quasi-one-dimensional classical Wigner crystals
    14 March 2012

  30. Hamilton Carillo
    Band-to-band tunneling in Silicon nanowire devices
    7 March 2012

  31. Edith Euán
    Analysis of dynamic and static properties of colloidal systems under confinement
    15 February 2012

  32. Massoud Ramezani Masir
    Valley polarization and resonant scattering by circular mass barriers
    8 February 2012