What we do

So far, our research has focussed on mental retardation, now commonly referred to as intellectual disability. Intellectual disability occurs with an estimated frequency of 2-3% in the total population and is due to a genetic defect in the majority of cases. As the causes of the developmental delay are extremely heterogeneous and large families with intellectual disability are rare due to their low fecundity, the identification of the cause of the cognitive impairment requires an approach specific for this type of disorder.

We identify novel causes of cognitive disorders starting from rare, affected families or from patients with specific chromosomal abnormalities, including microdeletions or microduplications, translocations and fragile sites. To achieve this, we have developed novel technologies and optimized existing methods. For the functional study of the genes of interest, we rely heavily on mouse models. These are fully characterized and are also used in drug trials. To this end, our studies on fragile X syndrome, a common form of cognitive impairment have raised hopes for targeted treatment in patients.

Key publications

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VariantDB : a flexible annotation and filtering portal for next generation sequencing data
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The GABA(A) receptor as a therapeutic target for neurodevelopmental disorders
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