The translational fragile X syndrome network is a Scientific Research Network (WOG) funded by the FWO. This grant supports the coordination of scientific research networks. These are international networks of researchers that encourage national and international cooperation at postdoctoral level.


Fragile X syndrome is the most common form of inherited intellectual disability and autism. It is also one of the most frequent hereditary diseases. Over the last decades, this condition has become an example as model for a developmental neurological disorder, where by means of the study of the molecular mechanisms of the disease therapeutic targets have been discovered, which are currently being tested in clinical trials. Traditionally, the Benelux is the center of fragile X research in Europe. The WOG unites these groups and aims to be a platform for translational research in the fragile X syndrome.

Fragile X syndrome drug targets


Claudia Bagni (Lausanne, Rome), Hilde Van Esch (KUL), Rudi D'Hooge (KUL), Steve Majerus (ULG), Marie-Céclile Nassogne (UCL), Rob Willemsen (Erasmus University), Frank Kooy (UA)