Research seminars

ECOBE (the Ecosystem Management Research Group) organises a research seminar series on ecosystem ecology, functioning and management. Here you find an overview of past and planned lectures.

Accounting for decadal climate variations in salt marsh modeling
Marck Schuerch (University of Kiel)

- Wind-wave induced erosion processes and the fate of the Venice Lagoon
Andrea d'Alpaos (University of Padova)
- On the importance of understanding the establishment of biogeomorphic ecosystems
Tjeerd Bouma (Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research)
- Management of salt marshes
Jan P. Bakker (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

- Eckhart Kuijken (Research Institute for Nature and Forest)
Long term monitoring and protection of wintering geese in NW Flanders: lessons learned and way forward
- Maarten Loonen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Long term research on the ecology of geese in Svalbard
- René Van der Wal (University of Aberdeen)
High arctic plants like it hot: a long-term investigation of between-year variability in plant biomass across habitats and species

Nico J. Smit (North-West University, South-Africa)
Ecosystem functioning, sustainable utilization and management of aquatic resources of the Lower Phongolo River and floodplain, South Africa

Sara Puijalon (Claude Bernard University, Lyon)
Responses of aquatic plants to mechanical stresses

Joachim Schrautzer (University of Kiel)
Potentials for nutrient retention in brook (river) valleys - Case studies from Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany)

Raymond Torres (University of South Carolina)
Physical processes at the transition from fluvial to tidal rivers

- Maarten De Jonge (University of Antwerp)
Influence of Acid Volatile Sulfides (AVS) on the accumulation and toxicity of sediment-bound metals in freshwater invertebrates
- Bruno De Vos (KU Leuven, Research Institute for Nature and Forest)
Spatial patterns of trace metal contamination in soils of Sigmaplan flood control areas
- Kate Spencer (University of London)
Understanding system disturbance and ecosystem services in restored saltmarshes: Integrating physical and biogeochemical processes

Gulfem Bakan  (Ondokuz Mayis University)
The Black Sea environment: Past, present, future.

Brian Needelman  (University of Maryland)
Plant productivity in tidal salt marshes: Effects of canopy removal through prescribed fire

Harry Olde-Venterink (ETH Zürich)
The Kafue Flats: hydrology-vegetation-herbivores interactions in a threatened African wetland ecosystem